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Beauty isn't only in the eye of the beholder... Women are beautiful— and nothing is more beautiful than a woman in her boudoir.  Boudoir photos are classy, timeless, and of

course—sexy!  The key to a successful boudoir shoot is having trust and confidence in your photographer.

 World Photographer

Having the privilege to work as a photographer on all seven continents has been extraordinary.  I spent the majority of my 20s and early 30s traveling the world for work.

my experience

capturing Your beauty & art with my lens


After traveling the world for photography, I'm focusing my talent in Hollywood on the world's most talented and beautiful people.  I've personally designed my 3,000+SF studios with my clients in mind.  It's an optimal space for photography, artistic vision, and comfort that I am pleased to share with you.  Welcome to Kensington Studios.

welcome, Clients!